• Bentley has unveiled a two seater luxurious car through online video known as Bentley Mulliner Bacalar.
• Bacalar is equipped with a 6.0 litre V-12 engine that produces 650 horsepower.
• The dashboard is made up of a wood which is preserved for over 5000 years in the lakes and rivers, the paint is made up of rice husk ash which gives the paint its sparkle look.
• Only 12 units will be made worth of $ 2 million each.

Bentley, a name which needs no intro in the automotive world, a renowned British automotive manufacturer and marketer of luxury cars and SUVs was about to debut an open roof car in the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. But due to coronavirus the automotive event got canceled, but that doesn’t made the giant manufacturer cancel its plans and it unveiled the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar online by a video.

The Bacalar is a remarkable two seater open roof classy luxurious car which gives a high status and prestigious look, but beside its looks, its performance is also to be appreciated. It is an all wheel drive car which is powered by a 6 litre V-12 engine that generates 650 horsepower at a 667 pound of high peak torque. With eight speed transmission, most of the powers is delivered to the rear wheel, but at times of requirement it will immediately deliver power to front wheels if the sensors sense any loss of traction.

Dashboard is made up of woods that have been preserved in the lakes and rivers for over 5000 years

Coming to looks of the cars, not only the beauty but the natural materials used are also remarkable. The dashboard in the car is made from the woods that have been preserved in the lakes, rivers and bogs of East Anglia, United Kingdom for more than 5000 years. Such long time of preservation gave it a dark black color, according to Bentley the woods are dried carefully under controlled conditions after being dug up to prevent decay and preserve its natural look and it is one of the sustainable features of their car.

Rare designs through rare raw material, well the list doesn’t end here, another remarkable feature is the paint that is made from the ash of the rice husk. The ash from from rice huskis used to make a substance which gives the paint it’s sparkle. The badges of the Bacalar is made up of dark bronze and the detailing of the car is made from black titanium.

The rare materials used in Bentley Mulliner Bacalar made it a rare car as Bentley will only produce 12 units model worth of $ 2 million dollars each and that too are already sold. No doubt the car became instant favorite to ultra wealthy people. The Mulliner is specialized in selecting the right color and fabrics for Bentley, it once made expensive horse carriages during 1760s and with time it switched itself in making automobile bodies for expensive cars including Bentley. Bentley bought the brand in 1959. Bentley never failed to amaze us and Bentley Mulliner Bacalar is an example of it.


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