• Small wheels have easy torque delivery than big wheels.
• Big wheels achieve more high speed than the big wheels.
• Small wheels are less stable than big wheels.
• Small wheels affect your riding comfort.

Have you ever wondered why in some two wheelers we have small wheels and in some we are given big wheels. It is not solely done because of looks but also for technical engineering reasons. What is the difference and why is it so, check it out.

Small Wheels
Generally small wheels are seen in scooters. In Indian automotive market we have small wheeled scooters, that’s because it is easy to deliver torque to small wheels as the scooter engine has low power with low cubic capacity. Because of easy torque delivery, small wheels achieve high acceleration. Small wheels are unstable, that is the reason scooters are driven in the cities and not on highways.

Small wheels have more frictional losses and it also affects your riding comfort. Scooters have compact design for city purpose having ample of space to carry things, implementing big wheels will take away its floor board, foot rest, under seat carriage and many more. Even if some how big wheels are implemented with all carriage features, the vehicle will become too long to break the Indian Government norms.
Big Wheels

Big wheels are common in bikes as they make the two wheeler more stable, this is the reason cruiser bikes are used on highways, even an inch in the diameter of the wheel makes the difference. Coming to torque delivery, big wheels require gear box for torque delivery, scooters has a simple CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) mechanism for torque delivery, moreover big wheels can attain more speed in comparison with small wheels. As a big wheel can cover more distance in a single rotation than a small wheel because of wheel circumference.

Big wheels have less frictional losses than the small wheels and it affects your riding comfort positively as it can easily pass over the pot holes. Implementing big wheels in a two wheeler and also following the Indian Government norms, bikes have less carriage space than scooters.


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