• Has smaller working range of temperature and pressure than DOT 4.
  • Water absorption rate is higher than DOT 4.
  • Not very suitable for vehicles embedded with ABS unit and Traction Control.
  • Made of glycol and ether.
  • DOT 3 is generally found red in color.

Which Brake Fluid To Choose ??


  • Provides stability at high temperatures and pressure, it has better tolerance for dry and wet boiling points.
  • Water absorption is low.
  • Provides better braking agility, great for vehicles with ABS and Traction Control.
  • Made of glycol and borate.
  •  Generally Yellowish or transparent in color.

Some other brake fluids you might wanna know about –

DOT 5 and DOT 5.1 both are used where high performance is required and gives higher dry and wet boiling points.

DOT 5 : It’s made of silicone which consequences into no water absorption but due to its silicone compounds it can’t be mixed with DOT 3, DOT 4 & DOT 5.1.

DOT 5.1 : It’s made of glycol ether / borate ester and that’s why it is compatible with DOT 3 & DOT 4.

Brake Fluid Testing
Green shows the brake fluid is in perfect form and doesn't contain water in it.
Medium Water Absorption in Brake Fluid
Yellow Shows the water has been absorbed at medium level, at this level the brakes become spongy and less perky which may lead to delay in braking and road accidents as well.
Benelli Brake Fluid Testing At MotoARZT
Red light shows high level of water absorption in brake fluid that has to be replaced instantly to avoid brake failure and hazard.
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