Brembo Brakes
Brembo Brakes

When we speak of long/short rides or races, safety is the first primary concern that comes in our mind, even if we’re fully prepared for almost any trouble, we might not know which problem will hit you out of the syllabus. To overcome these, Bembo manufactures high performance braking system for decades to give a full smooth stop to your vehicle. Here are some facts about Brembo:

Brembo Brakes

·      Brembo, an Italian manufacturer for automotive braking system founded in 1961 by Emilio Bombassei, the father of the current president of Brembo, Alberto Bombassei.

Brembo Brakes
Alberto Bombassei, the President and Chairman of Brembo

·      Brembo has been making disc brakes for cars since 1964 and braking system for motorcycles since 1972.

·      In 1975, after Enzo Ferrari asked, it supplied its own braking systems to Ferrari GP cars, thus venturing into Formula 1.

Brembo Brakes
Brembo braking system for Formula 1

·      In 1980, Brembo made aluminum brake calipers which became instant favorite of manufacturers like Porsche, BMW, Nissan, Mercedes, Chrysler and Lancia and gradually Brembo decided to extend its operations in braking systems.

Brembo Brakes
Porsche using Brembo brakes

·      In 1983, Brembo agreed to the acquisition of the share in the company by Kelsey Hayes which ended in 1993, but that doesn’t affect the company and in 1995 Brembo was listed in the Milan Stock Exchange.

·      In 2000s, Brembo concentrated in global brand expansion, in 2003 Brembo Ceramic Brake System SpA was founded to make carbon ceramic braking systems, a joint venture between Brembo and Diamler Chrysler AG.

Brembo Brakes
Brembo Ceramic Brakes

·      In 2007, a new Research and Development centre was built by Brembo in the Kilometro Rosso Technology and Science Park.

·      In 2005, Brembo entered Indian market with a joint venture between Brembo and Bosch’s Indian subsidiary, a Pune based brand name KBX Motorbike Products Private Ltd.

Brembo Brakes

·      In 2009 Brembo launched another new brand in India, by the name Bybre (abbreviation of “By Brembo”). Bybre plant also supplies products from India to BRIC market (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

Brembo Brakes
Brembo launched a new brand in India named as Bybre (abbreviation "By Brembo")

·      In 2010s Brembo also expanded in Northern America by inaugurating a new plant for braking systems in Michigan.

Brembo Brakes

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