Wet Clutch vs Dry Clutch

Wet Clutch vs Dry Clutch

A clutch is mechanical device which has a basic job to temporarily disengage the engine from the transmission and drivetrain system which drives the rear wheel.

Wet Clutch vs Dry Clutch

That is a simple general knowledge for start. Here we’re going to put up a debate between wet clutch and dry clutch, which one is better and why manufacturers and customers choose one over the other and why dry clutch aren’t spoken any more.

·      Wet Clutch

Wet Clutch vs Dry Clutch
Wet Clutch

As the name goes, the wet clutch baths in the engine oil and this bathing feature helps the clutch to cooled, so one don’t hve to worry about stop and go situations in a traffic. Wet clutch work more quietly than dry clutch and despite of all the rough use it can last longer dry clutch.

Wet Clutch vs Dry Clutch
Wet clutch are dipped in engine oil

Each tech has its pros and cons, wet clutch makes the engine oil dirty as every dirt of wear and tear stays inside the engine and mixed with engine oil but don’t have to worry as oil filter takes care of the prob. And not to forget, because of the engine oil there is fluid drag that takes out a little of the engine power.

·      Dry Clutch

Wet Clutch vs Dry Clutch
Dry Clutch

Yes, you are absolutely right, dry clutch isn’t bathed in engine oil, and that makes it to eliminate the fluid friction allowing more power to roll the rear wheels. But this makes the clutch less cool than the wet clutch, moreover they are much noisier and has nice track record of fast wear out. 

Wet Clutch vs Dry Clutch
Dry clutch are not dipped in engine oil

Those clatter of the clutch sounds cool to many customers and that is the reason Ducati Monster 900 is loved by many. But those high noise are the very same reason why they are fading away with time. As the noise regulations are getting stricter, it will soon wipe out the dry clutch except for the MotoGP races, as in MotoGP every advantage counts, there it helps to transfer power to the motorcycle. Following all those disadvantages, dry clutch offers something which wet clutch will never be, STYLE.

Wet Clutch

Dry Clutch

Clutch is bathed in engine oil

No oil is present and the clutch runs dry

The noise level is generally as compared to dry clutch

The noise level is high in comparison to wet clutch

Less wear and tear

More wear and tear

Low maintenance cost

High Maintenance cost

High life

Low Life

Dirt which is caused by wear and tear is taken care by oil filter

Dirt is collected in the clutch casing cover 

Wet clutch remain cool as compared to dry clutch

Generally these clutch don’t have low temperatures in comparison to wet clutch

Wet clutch are not used in MotoGP

Dry clutch are used in MotoGP

Because of low noise these clutch follows noise regulations

Because of high noise these clutch are fading away fast

Wet Clutch vs Dry Clutch

For the conclusion, everybody is not going to take part in MotoGP races and neither they love high track of sound every time from their motorcycle which has made a vast range of customers to follow the low maintenance cost, high life, durability and quietness of the wet clutch.

Wet Clutch vs Dry Clutch

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