• DC has made its second innings in the Indian automotive market using the new title, ‘DC 2’.
• ‘DC 2’ has revealed the futuristic fully electric Ambassador to let fans know they are back in business.
• The amazing front sporty grill design, the chrome steel rims will bring back the memories of the classy Ambassador.

Although Ambassador is rare to be seen in the market and is out of demand, the car is still continued to be used by the politicians and celebrities all over India, looks like no car will able to take the iconic symbol from Ambassador. It is one of the first made-in-India car by Hindustan Motors.

Recently DC, after struggling with financial problems last year has tried to make a comeback in the market, because of the second innings the brand is known as DC2 and to make a loud and clear comeback the Indian design has introduced a futuristic fully electric Ambassador concept.

The scenario clearly says that the DYPDC (D.Y. Patil Dilip Chabaria) is back in business by bringing the iconic symbol back in action, two shots in one go. DC Design might make the EV Ambassador concept car a reality if the demand rises. From the first look, the silhouette of the car will surely bring back memories of the old boy, beside the outlook some styles are gradually borrowed from the original, the front fascia of the car is gifted with an amazing sporty grille with LED headlamps. The bright steel rim gives a handsome look and maintains the class of the car, for now the concept design has two doors but DC2 might add more if the car enters the market.

No information about the powertrain of the EV Ambassador has yet been revealed but we can expect a satisfactory range to travel in the city without any problem and just like the giant design the price may also take a big size. Being the first made-in-India car and travelled by celebrities and politician has made it an iconic symbol, a class on its own, no doubt it might change the graph if it enters the Indian automotive market.


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