Whenever we think of sports car manufacturing company, Ferrari is often the first that comes in mind. It is a renowned Italian sports car manufacturing company that produces sporty and luxurious cars. This giant manufacturer has left a mark of creating astounding cars that everyone dreams of.

Recently news had that Ferrari’s first production of electric vehicle concept is revealed in a series of patent leaked online and the vehicle could be arriving in the near future.

The sketch shows the basic blue print of the car which features two seats, long bonnets and short overhangs.

The model’s blue print also shows the powertrain where we can conclude that the car is four-wheel drive.

An electric motor will be equipped to each wheel and could operate independently.

Details regarding technicality, performance and price is unknown.

Ferrari is one of the most renowned and recognized auto brand in the world who creates cars with phenomenal design, high power, breathtaking performance and its emblem of red signature, so by looking at the class of this brand we can surely confirm that their EV will make their competitor’s eyes wide open at the time of revelation.


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