New Helmet Norms From September 4

New Helmet Norms


·      New helmet norms will be put into effect from 4 September 2020.

·      All the two wheeler rider should wear ISI marked helmets within 6 months from the time of notification.

·      The maximum helmet weight dropped from 1.5kg to 1.2kg.

·      Question goes for the long distance riders whether the new norms are safe for them or not.

New Helmet Norms
ISI marked helmet

The news of new helmet norms surrounds when the India Standards issued it for the change in helmet standards for the two wheelers which will be put into effect from 4 September 2020. The new norms has also allowed the sale of imported helmets only if they are marked with ISI standards.

New Helmet Norms
The weight of the helmet reduced from 1.5kg to 1.2kg

From the recommendation of the committee, the weight problems of the imported helmets has also been taken care of. The BIS has put down the maximum weight of the helmets from 1.5kg to 1.2 kg. Within a span of 6 months from the time the new norms will be bought into effect, all the two wheeler riders will have to put on the ISI marked helmets or else it will be a clear offence. 

New Helmet Norms

All these sounds good, giving us a fire to follow rules, but if we turn our heads around, it felts like Deja-Vu happening all over again. It’s not the first time that new norms are put into effect, same helmet regulations were notified to follow in January 15, 2019 where the helmet weight should not exceed the 1.2kg figure. 

New Helmet Norms

To make the rules mandatory to follow is necessary as people don’t wear helmets many times, but to make the helmets mandatory to be ISI marked has some safety concerns. ISI marked helmets are good for city rides, but bad for the motorcyclists who ride long distances across country. An ISI marked helmet is not capable enough for a rider’s safety if he/she meets with an accident at high speed on highways.

New Helmet Norms
Euro standard helmet

To avoid such things riders wear riding helmets from manufacturers like SMK and Louis which are although heavy but gives no risk. These helmets are not ISI marked but rather follow Europe norms and are much tougher and rigid than the ISI marked helmets.

New Helmet Norms

Now the question rises for a rider, wearing non ISI marked helmets is a punishable offence and wearing ISI marked helmets on highways is a risk during an accident, the confusion goes between following a rule or following own safety. A better rule should be put focusing on a rider’s safety more and not for helmets to be ISI marked. 

New Helmet Norms

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