• A clutch is a mechanical device which engages or disengages the clutch plates and allows the rider to shift gear.
• A bike is either actuated with able clutch or hydraulic clutch.
• Cable clutch is commonly used in most of the bikes as it is cheap and easy to install but it also requires high maintenance.
• Hydraulic clutch are expensive to buy and to setup but requires low aintenance.
A clutch is a mechanical device which is operated by hand in a bike. It engages or disengages the clutch plates by the pressure applied on the lever and allows the rider to shift gear. Maximum bikes we see are actuated with cable clutch but some bikes are actuated with hydraulic clutches.

Slave cylinder

What’s the difference and which setup is the best over the other?
Well every set of mechanism has its pros and cons, it is the requirement of which type of clutch set up we need makes it best for our selves.

Cable Clutch

Cable Clutch
When we are talking about cable clutch we are using a cable to transfer the force through it, the cable is connected to the clutch on the other end. It is commonly used in maximum bikes because it is cheap and easy to fit. But despite that, the cable clutch need a good maintenance, adjusting the cable for the clutch to engage and disengage properly. Not only that, there are fair amount of chances that the cable could get corroded, get broken and they also need to be lubricated from time to time.

Hydraulic Clutch

Hydraulic Clutch
When we are using hydraulic clutch, we are using fluid to transfer force, a slave cylinder acts on the clutch’ pressure plate. Hydraulic clutch doesn’t need much maintenance as you don’t have to go through lubrication, moreover as the clutch plates wear from time to time the hydraulic system adjusts itself because of the fluid, this makes the engagement point constant throughout. Lever can also be pulled easily as there is a master cylinder and a slave cylinder which boosts the force. As earlier we have said that everything has its pros and cons, hydraulic clutch is expensive, both to buy as well as repair if there is a leakage or seal fails and also you have to replace it in few years.
So to find out which one is the best, you have to look for which clutch system you desire for, if you want to set a clutch system and forget about it including cleaning and lubricating, hydraulic clutch is for you, if you don’t want much expenses in the clutch system and you can look after or maintain your bike then you should definitely go for cable clutch/conventional clutch system.


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