• Hyundai has showcased a combination concept of a buggy and a jet ski named as Kite.
• It has no doors, windows or rooftops.
• Can be converted from buggy to jet ski.
• Steering column can be shifted from left to right.
• A rider can control interior features through mobile connectivity.

Kite showcased at Auto Expo 2020

In the 2020 Auto Expo, automotive manufacturers didn’t fail to amaze us with their astound vehicles, but it seems like Hyundai has bowed to take us to a roller coaster ride of thrills. First the NEXO SUV, and now the Kite EV. Showcased in the 2020 Auto Expo, it is a combination concept of a buggy and a jet ski, it was debuted in the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. The combination concept was designed by Hyundai Design Centre Europe in collaboration with Turin-based design school Instituto Europeo di Design (IED).

Kite is a two seater vehicle

This EV with no doors, windows or rooftops can be converted from a two seater buggy to a single seater jet ski which detaches from its nose. The cabin gives a futuristic experience by allowing us a feature to shift steering column from left to right almost all feature can be controlled by rider’s mobile phone. Its body is built on a monocoque chassis with 3745 mm in length,2235 mm in width and 1455 mm in height. The wheels are powered by four brushless motors positioned inside the wheels when it is a buggy and a water jet turbine when it’s a jet ski.

It is an EV with no doors, windows, or rooftops

Unfortunately the disappointment is that the production for this EV is off the plans for Hyundai.


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