Hyundai Motors one of the successful automobile manufacturers in Indian automobile market and recently this South Korean automobile manufacturer has confirmed to showcase Hyundai NEXO SUV in the upcoming Auto Expo 2020 along with Kona EV and 13 other concept cars with future technologies following the theme “Freedom in Future Mobility”.

NEXO is a hydrogen fuel cell powered SUV

What so special about the NEXO SUV is that it is a fuel cell powered SUV. It’s a different approach towards greener and cleaner future of India as every company is focusing on BS6 compliance or electric vehicles. This is a radical step from Hyundai towards hydrogen cars in the future.

The electric motor in the vehicle generates 161 PS of power, can give out torque of 394 Nm and can have a riding range of 666 km (claimed by WLTP). NEXO holds the world record of travelling the longest distance of 778 km in a single full hydrogen filled tank. It is the longest distance travelled by any hydrogen fuel cell powered SUV and still the car was able to travel 49 km more.

Conveniences like Wireless Charging, Spacious boot space, Remote Parking, KRELL Premium Sound

Despite of being an EV, NEXO comes in a different category as it is a step ahead of EV segment. It is a hydrogen fuel cell powered SUV which emits nothing but water from its exhaust pipe, these type of vehicles uses hydrogen to generate electricity for electric motor.

Safety features like forward collision avoidance assist (FCA), lane keeping assist (LKA/LFA), blind spot collision avoidance assist (BCA), rear cross-traffic collision avoidance assist (RCCA)

But the excitement doesn’t end here, this car is a moving air purifier as it is equipped with advanced air purification system which removes PM 2.5 fine particulate matters from the air. The company claims that a single NEXO can purify 26.9 kg of air in an hour of driving which is somewhat same as 42 persons breathe in an hour. The NEXO is the prove that a vehicle can be eco-friendly. It is car of its own class, own kind, or in short, it is a next level EV.


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