“Like Nothing Else”, Yes this was the tag line and the moto of the most loved vehicle, the Hummer. An automobile which was so incredible that it was really like nothing else. It is impossible for an automotive lover to forget such a four wheeler which was not only big by its size but also by its power and success. And now the General Motors Corporation (GMC) teases us with a small teaser video, which gives us a glimpse of an amazing muscular looking head lamps with Hummer embedded on it and a tag line saying “The quite revolution is coming”, this clearly gives a message that the monster is soon once again going to rule the roads. This electric vehicle is going to reveal itself in 20/05/2020. The company has estimated that the battery paired motor produces a 1000 horsepower, 11500 lb-ft of torque and can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds(claimed by GMC).

Although, In 1983 the AM General Corporation gets production contracts of High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV), nicknamed as Humvee. Later it was designed for economic use, renamed as Hummer and gone for sale in 1992. Later it was promoted by a Hollywood celebrity Arnold Schwarzenegger who bought a bunch of hummers. In 1999 GM purchased the rights of Hummer from AM General Corporation and launched Hummer H2 in 2002 and Hummer H3 in 2005.

Despite of an expensive and luxurious car, Hummer was also a fast fuel drinker and in 2008 Americans faced economic crisis and spike in fuel rates by which the selling went down more than 50 percent. GM was also hit by the global recession and in 2009 the company went for bankruptcy protection. The company stopped the production of Hummer including other brands. GM were about to sell the Hummer brand to Chinese company named Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company but that deal also went off. Finally the Hummer production was stopped totally and the car went off the market. Mainly the car was expensive and it represents the high class and status of the people. It was out of the afford range for the majority of people and so the Hummer went out of question for them.

From the recent updates of the GMC in their social site, the electric giant is going to rumble again because now people will again buy the Humvee due to its symbol of high class and prestige, specially when the fossil fuel and emission problems doesn’t exists. There is a high probability that the big boy will ride the height of success again because of its augmentations.

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