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Michelin, one of the biggest tyre manufacturer in the world along with Bridgestone and Pirelli, is a French multinational tyre manufacturer. Founded by Michelin brothers, Edouard Michelin and Andre Michelin, the company had a 130 years of trust and story and is still going on. Let’s take a look at the 130 years of long story that has made it a renowned tyre manufacturer. 

Andre Michelin & Edouard Michelin

·      Edouard and Andre ran a factory that make farm equipment and rubber balls which was made in 1832.

·      The inspiration of building tyres came from a little incident when a cyclist came for his tyre repair, and it took 3 hours to remove the tyre and a day to repair it, and that too when repaired rolled about 100 meters before failing again. This led them to build their own version of tyres that was easily removable and thus Michelin was founded on 28 May 1989. Thanks to that anonymous cyclist. 

Michelin The Red Guide

·      Reliable tyres of Michelin was known when a cycle racer Charles Terront won the world’s first long distance cycle race Paris-Brest-Paris in 1891 using Michelin pneumatic tyre.

The tyre man of Michelin

·      In 1898, Michelin came up with an idea of a man made from a stack of tyres, they consider this as an original style of communication with the audience.

·      In 1900, Michelin published their first guide named as “The Red Guide”.

Michelin radial tyres advertisement

·      Michelin keep innovating and developing tyres, in 1934 it invented a tyre that would run even after puncture. The tyre would run on special foam lining which we now call as run-flat tyre.

·      Michelin came to be recognized worldwide when it introduced radial tyres in 1946. This revolutionary successful technological innovation pushed the company as the world’s leading tyre manufacturer.

·      Michelin built radial tyres for earthmovers in 1959, Michelin joined hands with Sears to produce radial tyres, by 1970 the company was selling over 1 million units annually under the Allstate brand.

Michelin Bib X

·      In 1968 Michelin opened its first North American sales office and Michelin’s radial tyres set the market on fire and wiped out Michelin’s every competitor. An American magazine named as Consumer Reports complimented the radial tyres and reported that the tyres had a market share of 100%.

·      Michelin partnered with Renault-Alpine team and was the first winner of the 1973 World Rally Championship created by Federation International Automobile (FIA), this led Michelin to set up Motorsports department.

·      In 1978 Michelin launched its radial tyre for farm vehicles known as Bib X.

Michelin Air X

·      Michelin radial tyres became the Formula 1 World Championship in 1979 by sharing the privilege with Ferrarri.

·      In 1981, Michelin built the first aircraft radial tyres named as Air X.

Michelin space shuttle tyres

·      In 1989 Michelin bought B.F. Goodrich Company, Uniroyal Inc. from Clayton and Dubilier & Rice with helped with the supply of tyres to the U.S. Space Shuttle Program.

·      In 2010, Michelin announced the shutdown of its Ota plant situated in Japan which manufactures the X-ice tyres.

·      Michelin acquired Camso in 2018 which is a manufacturer of off-road tyres and accessories.

·      In 2019, Michelin gave the news of soon closing of the plants of Germany and France.


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