Next-Gen DC Avanti


  • DC is all geared to develop a Next-Gen DC Avanti which is going to be India’s first all-electric sports car.
  • The exterior of the car will be inspired from the DC TCA.
  • The sports car is under development in Switzerland.
  • The sports car is expected to launch in late 2022 with price around ₹ 40 – 48 lakhs.

The exterior of the E-Avanti will be inspired from the DC TCA

The name DC Avanti might have been blurred out from the memories of the people, but it seems that DC has full faith in their sports car. Recent reports speak, the company is in the top gear to build up the successor of Avanti by replacing the IC engine with electric powertrain and going to make it India’s first fully electric sports car.

Now when it comes to battery , the car is integrated with 160 kWh battery, the company claims that it can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in 5.5 seconds. The frame work and the body is complete while the interior and lighting parts are still in progress. Speaking about the exterior of the car, it will be inspired from the DC TCA (Titanium, Carbon and Aluminium). For now, the sports car is under development in Switzerland under a firm that is unknown, although there are assumptions that the company which developed the DC2 e-Amby (Electric Ambassador) might be developing the DC Avanti as well.

The e-Avanti is now under development in Switzerland

The enthusiasts have to wait a bit as the machine is expected to enter the market in late 2022 with the price expectations of around ₹40 to ₹48 lakhs. Let see, will e-Avanti be able to create its clamor in the automotive market.


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