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Öhlins Suspension

Öhlins or Öhlins Racing AB is a Swedish company popularly known for its advanced suspension system. The reliable suspension system it produces has made it the most wanted suspension system in more than 50 countries worldwide. Besides suspension for two wheelers it also produces other components like steering dampers and ride height control system. Here are some facts about Öhlins:

Kenth Öhlin is the founder of Öhlins company

·      Kenth Öhlin started to work in his father’s engineering workshop and founded the company in 1976. Though the workshop works on exhaust pipes and shock absorbers, Kenth Öhlins solely focuses on shock absorbers.

Yamaha RR 250 equipped with Öhlins suspension, 1983

·      In 1981, Yamaha MX250 equipped with Öhlins suspensions won the Motocross World Champion and in 1983 Yamaha RR 250 won the Grand Prix World Champion equipped with Öhlins suspension.

Öhlins electronically controlled suspension

·      In 1984, Öhlins filed patent of their mtb forks to the CES for the first time and with this they focused their R&D activity in electronically controlled suspension.

In 1986, Yahama became the co-owner of Öhlins company

·      Two years later in 1986, Yamaha became the co-owner of Öhlins Racing AB by purchasing most of the shares and the company worked under the Yamaha group.

Öhlins suspensions equipped in Formula 1 cars

·      In 1991, Yamaha YZR500 equipped with Öhlins suspension won the 500GP roadracing, in 1993 the CART Championship was won by Nigel Mansell which ran on Öhlins suspension.

Öhlins became ISO certified in 1998

·      Öhlins became ISO certified in 1998 and team up with Tenneco Automotive for continuously controlled electronic system (CES). They began the CES mass production in 2003.

Öhlins released TTX system in 2006

·      In 2006, Öhlins released the TTX system in the market and in 2007 Kenth Öhlin purchased back the company shares from Yamaha and became 95% owner of Öhlins company.

Öhlins dual ride height system for Ferrari

·      In 2008, using the Öhlins electronic suspension Noriyuki Haga won the Dinnington WSBK. Later Öhlins launch Mechatronics for Ducati Multistrada 1200S and Ducati Panugale and dual ride height system for Ferrari.

Henrik Johansson was appointed as the CEO of Öhlins Racing AB in 2016

·      Öhlins sold more than 5 million CES valve in 2015 and in 2016, Henrik Johansson was appointed as CEO of Öhlins Racing AB. Öhlins also launch setting app to iOS and android platforms in 2017.

Öhlins app launch in 2017

·      In 2017, Öhlins began the manufacturing of mountain bike products in Taiwan and launch Smart EC 2.0 and OBTI interface for OEM applications.

Öhlins Racing AB was sold to Tenecco Inc.

·      In 2018, a maximum share of Öhlins Racing AB was sold to Tenecco Inc. by Kenth Öhlin and in 2019 Tenecco closes the Öhlins Racing Transaction.


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