• Panigale V4 Superleggera is the most exclusive technologically advanced and powerful limited edition bike launched by Ducati till date.
• This bike is an all carbon fiber frame (chassis, swingarm, wheels)
• Light weight and pair of winglets for optimal aerodynamics
• High power to weight ratio magnitude.
• 500 units will be made while delivery starts from June 2020 with 5 units delivery each day.
We all know Ducati, a group of companies known for manufacturing motorbikes, mostly best known for producing unspeakable insane bikes that are loved by everyone around. Recently Ducati has launched its most exclusive technologically advanced and powerful limited edition bike, Panigale V4 Superleggera. Straight coming to its structure work, a big thanks to the engineers for making an amazingly low weight (159 kg) motorbike, it is an all carbon fiber frame, subframe, swingarm, wheel making it 6.7 kg less in weight. Not only that, its quality and safety standards are also tested borrowing the techniques from aerospace industry.

It has a 998cc V4 engine that generates around 230 hp making it lightening fast. The company claims that the winglets at its side generates an aerodynamics downforce of 110 pounds at 168 mph.

Akropovic exhausts are fitted for track use which helps the engine to achieve as much high power as possible, during street rides standard systems are used.

The high power generation of this dynamic bike gives out the phenomenal power to weight ratio of 1.41 hp/kg, but if switched for track configuration with racing kit mounted on, the power hikes to 234 hp while the weight goes down to 152 kg and power to weight ratio goes to 1.54 hp/kg which is a very high magnitude. Although its not the highest, the highest power to weight ratio of street legal motorbike is of Kawasaki Ninja H2 R with 1.6 hp/kg.

Disk brakes are used of Brembo and calipers of Stylema R are used for better stroke consistency of front brakes, while the rider experiences a smooth brake the bike rests on suspension systems on Ohlins. The company gives three default riding modes (Race A, Race B and Sport), five more which is defined by the rider giving a mind blowing racing nature of the bike. As a limited edition bike, Ducati will produce 500 units of Superleggera and the deliveries will start from June 2020 with 5 units delivery each day. Buyers of this bike are offered a test on the track of Panigale V4 R. Superleggera is a masterpiece that shows the result of new engineering limits, performance and design. It is like a dream bike which is now a reality.


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