Storage Preparation

  • Wash the bike thoroughly and lubricate the pivot linkages.
  • Start the engine and warm it up on idle rpm for at least 4 minutes to get everything firmly lubricated inside the engine.
  • Empty the fuel tank and the fuel lines completely (and even carburetor bowl if you know how to do it).
  • Remove the sparkplug (if your bike have two, remove both) gently so that you don’t break the threads, and fill 15ml – 20ml of fresh engine oil in the sparkplug hole, subsequently cover the hole and crank the engine through self starter or kick starter.
  • Clean the drive chain and lubricate it.
  • Remove the battery and store it at ventilated place.
  • Set your motorbike on center stand (if the motorbike have otherwise use paddock stand).
  • Cover the silencer with plastic bag or gag it to avoid moisture from entering.
  • Store the motorbike at a dry place and cover it with breathable motorbike cover to prevent dust particles from settling on the body.
  • Apply the rust solution on chrome parts if your motorbike have chrome.

Reuse Preparation

  • Remove the rust solution from the chrome panels or parts.
  • Inflate the tyres at optimum level as recommended on your motorbike’s swingarm.
  • Install the battery and make sure its fully charged.
  • If battery is drained, put the motorbike on 2nd gear try to turn the rear wheel by hand, it’ll start.
  • Check if for proper fuel level.
  • Check fuel lines for any crack.
  • Clean the air filter.
  • Uncover the silencer.
  • Remove the sparkplug and pour 10ml approx. engine oil to lube the cylinder walls and piston skirt.
  • Start the engine through kick start or self start, warm it up for 4 minutes and you’re ready to go.


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