• Jaguar and Land Rover collaborate for the “Project Vector.”
• Project Vector is a part of the extended project “Destination Zero”.
• Destination Zero is a plan for safer and healthier future with zero accidents and zero emissions.
• JRL (Jaguar and Land Rover) have built an electric compact driverless car with the collaboration of brightest minds from different fields.

We all know Jaguar and Land Rover, one of the most renowned automotive manufacturers in the world, they are not only known for their vehicles but for the class and quality they provide. Reports say that these two mega manufacturers have collaborated to work in a project called “Project vector”, it is an electric vehicle concept for city.

Generally this Project Vector is a part of a longer collaborative plan which includes many other transport providers and manufacturers known as “Destination Zero”. A plan for more safety, zero emissions, zero accidents from vehicles making healthier and cleaner environment.

The project contains an electric compact driverless car which measures 4 meters in length, battery fitted at the flat bottom which provides ample of cabin space for comfortable seating as well as multiple transport uses in city environments, the car can be used for private and commercial applications.

JRL (Jaguar Land Rover) are working together to find variety of solutions for electric automotive transport with quality products and services, they admit that collaborating brightest minds of academia, supply chain and digital services helps creating fully autonomous vehicles in the city connecting urbanization to digitalization mobility so customers can travel on demand. This is the foundation of Destination Zero.

At initial stage “Project Vector” will be based at National automotive Innovation Center who will be working with Coventry City Council and West Midlands Combined Authority. Their plan is to produce a driverless automobile on the streets of Conventry for future use.


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