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Racing tyres
The MotoGP bikes are one of the amazing wonders of science and engineering. It shows how small number of factors combine lead to high speed and entertainment. Every component of MotoGP bike plays an important role during a race which push a bike towards its high performance, no doubt why every small detail is taken care of. Here we drove our eyes to the tyres used in the Motorcycling World Championship and will go through some of the important factors during the take care of tyres.
Racing tyres
Michelin supply tyres to the World Champion tyres

Michelin take care of the tyre supply, the manufacturer makes sure that World Champion riders are supplied with the tyres according to their demand. Before the race Michelin offer three compounds among which the riders with their teams had to choose, one for dry traction and two for wet traction. Every box contains 33 tyres in total, 22 dry traction tyres and 11 wet traction tyres. For racing, there are four factors of the tyres that are taken care of:

Racing tyres

·      Pressure

Michelin recommends a pressure that has to be maintained for both, high performance and rider safety. The wheels are equipped with sensors to ensure that the pressure is maintained under the recommendation. Generally, it goes for 2 bars for front and 1.8 bars at the rear. It is important to go with the recommended pressure as high pressure can reduce the tyre grip and low pressure weakens the motorcycle stability with excess rise in temperature.

Racing tyres
Tyres testing

·      Temperature

Michelin recommends that tyres must have a temperature high enough for best performance and contact between the tyres and the track. Before the race, the tyres are stored in box heaters for an hour or two to ensure that the tyres reach a temperature of 90 degrees. In general, the front tyre should have a 100 degree while the rear tyre should have a 120 degree or more.

Racing tyres

·      Force

The tyres endure high forces when rotate on the track taking almost a 150 kg of vehicle at an incredible speed. At high acceleration the front tyre endures a force of more than 2200 Newton and at sudden stops it cooperates with a force of over 2500 Newton. While taking turns, the lateral forces on the tyres exceeds over 2000 Newton. 

The tyres endure considerable forces

·      Contact Surface

According to Repsol, the contact surface area between the tyre and the track is almost of two Euro coins at high speed. Winglets help in maintaining a contact with the track with the help of downward force. It is said that the front wheel tyre rubber act as sensors, too much from that two Euro coins surface area. An experienced rider can tell from the front rubber tyre during the revs whether the track conditions are optimal or not and is there enough grip between the track and tyre for high acceleration.

The ruber tyres act as sensors for the riders

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