Royal Enfield Taurus

  • Royal Enfield Taurus was the only first and last diesel motorcycle manufactured in India.
  • Taurus had high fuel economy but low performance.
  • It discontinued because it couldn’t pass the updated emission norms set by the Indian Government.

Royal Enfield is one of the old motorcycle manufacturing company in the country, manufacturing amazing and reliable motorcycles for ages. Taurus was one of those motorcycles manufactured by Royal Enfield from late 1980s to 2000. For those who don’t know about Taurus, it was the first and only diesel variant motorcycle manufactured in the country by Royal Enfield, many diesel motorcycles were on sale in foreign land but Taurus was the highest selling diesel variant motorcycle in the world.

Today Royal Enfield is not the best choice if it comes to fuel economy but Taurus laid a different story in this field. Despite of having 325cc single cylinder engine the company claims a fuel economy of 85kmpl. This magnitude gives a clear competition to other motorcycle manufacturers like Hero Honda Splendor, moreover diesel had half the price than petrol back at that time. But with pros, every tech had its cons too, despite of being ahead in mileage, Taurus was lacked in performance, it gives a maximum of 6.5 bhp and a peak torque of Nm, the motorcycle had top speed of 65 kmph and had a weight of 196 kg. The engine was made by Greaves Lombardini in Italy, integrated with 4-speed transmission and it was smallest Royal Enfield engine.

Taurus was discontinued because of its smoky thick black cloud emissions, the motorcycle couldn’t pass the updated emission norms set by the Indian Government. Although the diesel engines are expensive than petrol engines, Taurus became a conventional motorcycle as for the low diesel prices. Taurus had another variant named Royal Enfield Sooraj made by a tractor company named Sooraj in Punjab after Taurus was discontinued. Many Royal Enfield diesel motorcycles had change of diesel engines with Chinese diesel V-twin engines for more power outside of India.

Royal Enfield of today promises a relaxed ride but Taurus gives you aches at your back and at your shoulder joints because of its vibrations caused by the high compression ratio of the diesel engine. Taurus was the one and only diesel motorcycle manufactured in India, though the motorcycle is discontinued today, it is still seen at some parts of the country.


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