The First Street Legal Choppers Of India.

Pronounced as [Aah – vuhn – too – raah]. Derived from Sanskrit.
The Lord of the World (Avanindra). Strength, abundance, excellence (Tura).

The logo is inspired from the Devnagri script with every alphabet conjoining to form the shield.


A Brand That Introduced Road-Legal Choppers



An organization that combines multiple OEM parts together and consequently produces an amazing motorbike of a very rare & renowned category, that is Chopper Motorbike.

Although, initially Chopper Motorbikes weren’t particularly categorized, they were after market motorbikes manufactured using different motorcycle parts like front end suspension, handlebar, fuel tank, etc.

When it comes to Custom motorbikes, the first model comes in mind is The choppers with long trail length, wide rake angle, low seats, fancy and vibrant graphics, wide tyres and specially multi-bursts exhaust notes.


Yeah, that was a bit long but that’s what a chopper is known for, its mesmerizing graphical and mechanical designs & ergonomics.

AVANTURAA has paid special emphasis on sanskrit language, that’s an Indic language of India and its quite appreciable how they’re representing their brand with a spiritual signature of Indian culture. They are really doing a great job by promoting their country and its ancient language while almost everyone is running towards westernization.

Models AVANTURAA Offers

Click/Tap RUDRA for a Spectacular Engine Specification


‘Rudra’ represents the stormy wind and is symbolic of the hunt. It is associated with ‘Lord Shiva’ and his trusted mount the raging bull.The ‘Rudra’ is empowered with the strength of all these elements coming together in a seamless collaboration.

‘Rudra’ implying ‘the ultimate roar’ signifies a raw enchanting  power, brought to life by its majestic body type, technical configuration and compelling road presence. 


Click/Tap PRAVEGA for a Spectacular Engine Specification

Derived from the words ‘Pravah’ and ‘Vega’ in Sanskrit. Pravega is the power of speed, agility and grace.

 Uniqueness outside that demands a second look. Engineering inside that simply empowers. A rider’s ‘Tryst With The Wind’.

Data Reference : www.avanturaachoppers.com

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