• TATA debuts India’s first ever electric truck Ultra T7 Electric.
• Designed for all sort of business and transportation application.
• Can go up to more than 100 km in a single charge.
• Company plans 650 charging stations in 20 major cities.
The race of electric vehicles has already begun and we can see that in the Auto Expo 2020, every automotive company has forwarded their step and giving their best shot in manufacturing the best EV as possible. Till now almost every electric bikes and cars have surprised us but it seems that TATA has taken the lead in the race by debuting the India’s first ever commercial electric truck, the Ultra T.7 EV. TATA is a multinational conglomerate company founded by Jamsetji TATA in 1868. It entered the automotive industry in 1991 with the launch of a MUV, TATA Sierra, from then onwards TATA has never failed to amaze us.

Ultra T7 is a fully battery powered electric vehicle which designed to perform all business applications and transportation as well. It consists of a stylish cabin with spacious interior having 1+2 seating arrangement which gives superb driving comfort. The truck is equipped with an ultra battery of 62.5 kWh that can produce 328 hp of power and 2800 Nm of peak torque. The company claims that the truck can cover a range of more than 100 km in a single charge with a maximum speed of 80 kmph. The truck takes approximately 2 hours to charge fully using DC fast charger.

The truck is comprised with tilt and telescopic integrated hydraulic power steering and uses automatic direct drive. It is featured with faster easier and shaper turning movements having 6.95 metres of turning radius with higher load capacity. It also has air drum brakes, semi-elliptical and parabolic springs with antiroll bar, tubeless tyre, alloy wheels and 26% of amazing gradient climbing ability. The company has showcased the truck without revealing any price range or delivery estimation, reports has that the company is planning plant 650 charging stations in 20 major cities. TATA vehicles has always stand to our expectations, it is possibly certain that the Ultra T7 Electric will be on high demand in near future.


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