Toyota 1 UZ-FE Engine

• Toyota produced an engine in 1989 named as 1UZFE.
• The engine was produced under the project F1 initiated by Eiji Toyoda and lead by Ichiro Suzuki.
• The UZ family had three versions as 1UZFE, 2UZFE and 3UZFE, production from 1989 to 2013.

• The engine gave a perfect vibrationless performance on the 900th try.
• The engine was equipped from sports to luxury category of cars, boat, airplanes and ambulance.

Toyota Motor Corporation is a popularly renowned Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer and for past decades it had launched many amazing cars and engines. Speaking about engines, one of the amazing engines it produced was 1UZFE, and highly advanced V8 engine. Highly advanced because it was made in 1989, and according to that time it was beyond amazing.

1 UZ-FE is a complete aluminum engine

The 1UZFE was the first ever V8 engine made with dual over head camshaft and 32 valves. 1UZFE was made under the project F1 (Flagship No:1) whose moto was to rival and made a better and luxury sedan than the German and American vehicles. F1 project was started in 1983, the project includes 600 designers, 1400 engineers, 2300 technicians and 200 supporting staff, initiated by Toyota chairman Eiji Toyoda and lead by Ichiro Suzuki and after 899 engine prototypes they were successfully able to build a reliable vibrationless engine on the 900th try. The engine was tested from hot to cold weather and over 2.7 million kilometers the UZ engine proof itself to the best Toyota product, the engine with Lexus LS400 rampaged the automotive market.

Lexus LS400 was the first car to be equipped with Toyota 1 UZ-FE Engine

With hydraulic valve adjustments, the 1UZFE was 90 degree V8 engine and aluminum cylinder block and cylinder head. Toyota produced three versions in the UZ family as 1UZFE, 2UZFE and 3UZFE from 1989 to 2013 with more modified than the previous, the later versions of the 1UZFE had Toyota’s VVT-I system. 1UZFE was a 3696cc engine with power output of 256-500 hp and a peak torque of 353-441 Nm, the VVT-I versions of 1UZFE had compression ratio of 10:1-10.5:1, 6200-6500 of rpm and weight upto 364 lbs. The engine was equipped from sports category to luxury category cars like Lexus GS400, LS400, air planes, boats and ambulance.

With changes like VVT-I system, fuel injectors and exhaust there had additional power output from the engine. the 1UZFE was technologically advanced and so smooth that it is said that when a glass of water was put on the engine there was no vibrations in the water, 1UZFE was voted to the Ward’s 10 Best Engines list for 1998. No doubt that 1UZFE was so reliable and a rider can enjoy and feel its power on the street.


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