Yamaha Plans To Make A Motorcycle To Run On Water

Yamaha’s Water Powered Motorcycle
Concept image of Yamaha's wate powered motorcycle


·      Yamaha has revealed the concept image of its water powered motorcycle that goes by the name Yamaha XTT 500 H2O.

·      Yamaha is working on water powered motorcycle from back in 2016.

·      It is expected that we will witness the motorcycle by 2025.

Yamaha’s Water Powered Motorcycle

Commissioned by Yamaha, the industrial designer Maxime Lefebvre holds a dream of a motorcycle that could use water as a source of power. To turn the dream into a reality, work began on water powered motorcycle back in 2016. 

Yamaha’s Water Powered Motorcycle

Recently with the release of the concept image of the water powered motorcycle namely Yamaha XT 500 H2O, Yamaha has clearly given a hint that the day is not far when we will be face to face with the futuristic water powered motorcycle. For now, it is expected that the debut year of this motorcycle could be 2025.

Yamaha’s Water Powered Motorcycle

With the name XT 500 H2O, Yamaha plans to give a tribute to its iconic motorcycle of 1976, Yamaha XT 500. Not much details are revealed about the water powered motorcycle, but the design, graphics, handle bar, seats and floating panels of the motorcycle is incredibly amazing, the white tyres of the motorcycle gives a finishing touch which adds more compliments to the motorcycle.

Yamaha’s Water Powered Motorcycle

The day when Yamaha will reveal the motorcycle and will put it at work with water as a power source, it will be the first step towards a new direction in the world of automotive by Yamaha, the company will be the first to introduce water powered motorcycle. A water powered motorcycle will be an environmental friendly vehicle that will have no emissions with a power source that is available in plenty. The motorcycle could be big change of this decade as well as to the automotive world.

Yamaha’s Water Powered Motorcycle

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