The Comeback Of A Sportsbike

Honda CBR600RR
Honda CBR600RR


·      Honda is all set to relaunch its 600 cc segment super motorcycle Honda CBR 600RR.

·      The motorcycle was discontinued because of the high cost for upgrading the motorcycle to meet the requirements of Euro 4.

·      The motorcycle is expected to take some styling design from its inspired model Honda CBR 1000RR.

Honda CBR600RR

As the proverb goes, “The come back is always greater than the set back.” The Japanese multinational corporation, Honda is ready steady to make a debut of their 600 cc segment motorcycle named Honda CBR 600RR this year or early next year. According to the reports, the motorcycle was about to make a debut at the 2020. Thai MotoGP which will start from 4th October 2020, but due to the outbreak of COVID 19 the event is postponed and the company plans to release the motorcycle early next year.

Honda CBR600RR
Honda CBR600RR old model

hmm!!, now comes the past, the Honda CBR600 RR was well known 600 cc segment motorcycle, but the company had to put a break to its throttle due to the high cost for upgrading the motorcycle to meet the requirements of Euro 4 norms that became mandatory in 2017. 

Honda CBR600RR
Honda CBR600RR will borrow some styling design from its elder sibling Honda CBR1000RR

People always expected that a motorcycle like that will make a comeback. According to the reports upcoming Honda CBR600RR is expected to take inspiration from  Honda CBR 1000RR. Like its elder sibling, the CBR 600RR is offered with a fully digital colored console and twin LED headlamps (which is common these days). 

Honda CBR600RR
Its twin LED headlamps are taken from Honda CBR1000RR

As a sports motorcycle, it is equipped with a new 600cc DOHC 4-cylinder engine, Honda has primarily focused on handling and smoothness of the motorcycle. The motorcycle is integrated with air intake located at the middle and winglet[Winglet : Downforce Spoilers – The Misunderstood Concept ]that offers a downward force for improved handling and braking of the motorcycle at high speed.

Honda CBR600RR
Honda CBR600RR is equipped with the fully digital colored console

General features like USD front forks, twin disc brakes at the front, split seat, radial calipers, throttle by wire, electrical features like riding modes, HSTC slide control, ABS and IMU. Many motorcycles have received a high success in 600 cc segment, Honda is also preparing to achieve the same height. The come back of CBR 600RR will be interesting to see till what height it will accelerate. 

Honda CBR600RR

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