• Hyundai has unveiled the first hydrogen fuel cell powered bus to the Korean National Police Agency.
• Hyundai will provide two hydrogen fuel electric bus to the Korean police by the end of 2020 and after conducting a demonstration project they will start mass production by 2021.
• The Korean Government including National Police Agency has signed a MOU with Hyundai Motors on mutual cooperation to promote police hydrogen busses.
• Korean Government has many plans regarding the hydrogen fuel cell powered bus.

Hyundai’s hydrogen fuel cell powered bus

After unveiling Nexo, a combination of hydrogen fuel cell powered car and air purifier, at the 2020 Auto Expo, Hyundai seems to get on the next level of making an eco-friendly vehicle. Hyundai has introduced the first-high speed police hydrogen electric bus for the Korean police transportation and just like Hyundai Nexo, this hydroden fuel electric bus has no emissions and will purify the air.

The hydrogen fuel electric bus is charged to Korean National Police Agency

It is just like a normal looking low floor bus which is mounted with hydrogen fuel cell system and a hydrogen tank on the roof of the vehicle, the integrated air-conditioning devices purify the air as it moves with less emissions, noise and vibration. Hyundai has plan to provide two hydrogen fuel cell bus by the end of 2020 and conduct a demonstration project with the national Police Agency and after obtaining the vehicle data through demonstration project they will start mass production by 2021.

A MOU is signed between senior Korean Government officials including National Police Agency and President of Hyundai

Reports says that Hyundai has unveiled the bus on 31st in front of the Korean History Museum near Gwanghwamun, Seoul with the Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon, Deputy Minister of Public Affairs and Environment, Chung Bok-young, Deputy Minister of Energy, Industry and Commerce, Chung Gap-ryong and President of Hyundai Motor Company, Gong Young-un. They have also signed a MOU including National Police Agency with Hyundai Motors on Mutual Cooperation to promote police hydrogen busses.

Korean Government has many plans regarding this hydrogen fuel cell powered bus, they want to supply 2000 vehicles by 2022, 20000 by 2030 and 40000 by 2040, by 2028 they plan to replace 802 police busses with hydrogen fueled busses. Simultaneously another plan of building a total of 310 hydrogen stations by 2022 and introduce a migration criteria for bus transportation business and a new fuel subsidy system for introduction of the hydrogen electric busses. Hyundai is carrying out projects and putting efforts to get in the automotive market of commercail electric vehicles at home and abroad.


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